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Guitar Lessons

Around 2019, I taught a free guitar class for beginners, at Learn for Life Enterprise , a community hub based on London Road, Sheffield. Among other things, it provides English (ESOL) classes, training, support, stability and advice etc. I also started to create some online information to go with the classes.

Due to Covid, the classes closed and i have not re-started yet (May 2022), but I have decided to publish the lessons, in the hope that they might be a bit of use for others. They are aimed at those with not much money, and I've tried to write in simple English. Here is a list of the lessons.

Types Of Guitar -acoustic, electric etc

Guitar Parts - neck, body etc

Are You Left-Handed - left-handed guitars/


Playing - fingers, plectrum


Reading guitar notation - Tabs

What does 'Up - Down - High - Low' mean?

Em arpeggio - up and down a simple chord.

Am arpeggio - another arpeggio

Play the simplest song: 'Horse with no name'

Eritrean song - nice, simple, Eminor

More chords - C, G, and Am Chords

All The Chords

Musical Notes

Keys And Pitch