Guitar Class


Up - Down - High - Low

Sometimes, these words can be confusing. High and low are to do with pitch. A woman's voice is higher than a man's. The man's voice is lower. Sometimes we say 'deeper'.

On a guitar, the pitch of string 1 is higher than string 6. Also, on string 6 for example, the note at fret 7 is higher than the note at fret 2. Try it!

On a guitar, sometimes we say 'go up'. This means move up the neck, to the higher fret numbers. 'Down' means lower fret numbers.

Note that string 1 is nearer to the ground than string 6, but we say it is higher - it makes a higher sound.

These words are sometimes used when you tune a guitar. If a string is too low, it needs to go up a bit, so you tighten the string.

Some people use flat and sharp for tuning. Flat ♭ means the note is a bit low, and sharp # means it is a bit too high.