Guitar Class


Types Of Guitar

When you begin,the 2 types will be:

The classical has nylon(plastic) strings, and has a quiet sound. This is the easiest to play, in the first few weeks. You might also see a 3/4 size guitar. They are made for older children, and are smaller, but still are OK for adults. Their neck is the same width as a steel string guitar.

The steel-string guitar is louder, but the strings are harder to press down. Also the neck is narrower, but this does not really matter at the start.

You can buy these guitars from £60 upwards.

Sometimes you can buy a classical guitar in a charity shop from £10 to £20. THe main thing to check is that all 6 tuners work. Turn them all, and see if the strings tighten up. Do not put steel strings on a classical guitar - it will break.

The other main types of guitar are:

Normally, both these are made of solid wood, not hollow. They are not acoustic. They need an amplifier to make a sound.

Guitar Amplifier
A bass guitar has 4 thick strings, and makes very low, deep notes. It is used to accompany other instruments.