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foxGUIb lets the Ruby programmer create graphical user-interfaces quickly, using the Fox toolkit. Rather than write code to produce a GUI, it allows point-and-click creation. It produces Ruby code as its output.

Ruby, Fox, and foxGUIb are multi-platform, including Linux and Microsoft Windows

Here is a screenshot of it in use, showing:

  • the design (main) window at the front. Selected components appear on here as you work, and can be modified.
  • at the left of foxGUIb there is a component tree, showing nesting. Components can be copied and pasted.
  • In the centre, there is a palette allowing selection of a large range of FOX components.
  • at the right, properties of the selected component can be modified, and their effect seen immediately. You can also set many properties by directly manipulating the objects in the design window.


There is an FAQ at

foxGUIb is written in Ruby, by Henon (Meinrad Recheis ) and is free, under the Artistic license.

To get foxGUIb, look at the installation page in the guide.


Guide Contents