GUI Creator for Ruby + Fox

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Guide Start page, screenshots
Introduction: Ruby, Fox, FXRuby, foxGUIb
Installing foxGUIb
First Program: inches and cm
Second Program: text editor with Layouts
The Main Screen: Widget Tree, Selection, Properties

Using the foxGUIb Menus:
     Main Menu
    Code Generator Menu
    View Menu
    About Menu

More Layouts:splitter, tabs, shutter, grid/matrix
Creating pop-up dialog boxes
Creating Menus
Advanced Notes: If it crashes, Ruby console, events and return
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As stated in the introduction, this guide is not about the detail of the fxruby widgets - it is about using foxGUIb to create them. The following table is set out like the Widget Selector area in foxGUIb. It is linked to information about each widget. For most of them, we suggest example programs to look at in Lyle Johnson's documentation, at

For layout widgets, we provide information on how to manipulate them with foxGUIb.

Input and Display
ArrowButton Button CheckButton
ComboBox Dial Label
RadioButton Text TextField
ToggleButton Slider Spinner
ScrollBar ProgressBar

Container and LayoutManager
VerticalFrame HorizontalFrame Packer
GroupBox ScrollWindow Shutter
ShutterItem Splitter Matrix
MDIClient RadioMutex

Menubar and Menu
MenuBar MenuCaption MenuCascade
MenuCommand MenuSeparator MenuTitle
MenuPane MenuRadio MenuCheck
For examples of menus, look at Creating Menus , and at the examples on the FXRuby home page.

MenuBar ToolBar StatusBar
Look here for more information on bars.

TabBar TabBook TabItem
For examples of tabs, look at More layouts , and at the examples on the FXRuby home page.

Canvas DirBox DirList
DriveBox FileList Header
HorizontalSeparator IconList List
ListBox MenuButton Option
OptionMenu ScrollArea TreeList


Guide Contents