Whatever editor
Whatever(2004) is a freeware WYSIWYG HTML editor - have a look at the screen shot to see it in action.

It can also create primitive linked pages - mini website - - just like these two.

You need to know something about HTML, but you need not be an expert.

Can I create fancy pages???   Not easily - it is for people who want quick and dirty pages without any excess baggage.

Frames? - sorry - no frames (it does display images, and most of the HTML you will use..

Open Source? You can have the delphi source of the editor, but the source of the HTML displayer is not free. The hard work in this software is really in the HTML component, done by:

David.L.Baldwin - Check out his page, and his excellent products     Many of them are free to use.

If you want something more flashy, check out the built-in editor that comes with the free Mozilla browser.


Whatever is less than 700k - download it here v0.6 - 1 feb 05 - now with more fonts and char box drawing

To install it, simply save it somewhere and run it - it is an exe file.