The ppjava pretty-printer
Here you can download a Windows exe pretty-printer, for java, C, C++. It is not the best pretty printer, but is simple to use.


  • Feb 03 - Mike Parr begins to read 'The Cold 6000' by James Ellroy.
  • 1997 - Vietnam - Van Di-Han Ho updates the CB Unix C pretty printer for Java, C++. Names it CBVAN
  • 2003 - UK - Mike digs said pretty printer, but knows that it won't get used by beginner students because it is command-line technology.
  • Mike chooses Delphi to write a GUI to wrap up cbvanw95 - because it gives really-small exe files, hence stuff can be moved on floppies.
  • The GUI is trivial - but mike can't think of a good name. Van did the real work, but CBVANGUI is an unwieldy name. Decides to call it PPJAVA, but to ensure that Van is widely mentioned in the documentation.

Download ppjava for Windows (95 upwards)

To install: run the file, unzipping it to a folder of your choice. Click ppjava.exe to run it. (you might wish to make a shortcut to this file)

Visit Van's site or search for starkville van.