Dink's Song
On Pete Seeger's DVD 'How To Play the 5-string Banjo' he describes Dink's Song as one of America's most beautiful melodies. He talks about its discovery by Alan Lomax: '...he came across a community of women who cooked and washed clothes. One was a wonderful singer named Dink. He recorded her song. Later, he returned to record more, but he wasa told "See that cemetery? That's where she's planted" ' The song has also been recorded by Dylan (a bootleg, I think), and Jeff Buckley. Here is my version of the chords, pared down to its essentials.

Key C:

C                     F      C
If I had wings, like Noah's dove

                   Am                  F
I'd fly cross the river, to the one I love.

           C        G                C
Fare thee well, oh honey, fare thee well.